After the inspiring visit of the exhibition of Subodh Gupta at the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt the group of the voluntary Unesco Art Class did several brainstormings to start their own artwork and inventory. Lots of ideas came up and passed away, like making a common artwork asking people for a drawing of the best moment in life. As we always meet around lunch time food is always something someone thinks about and Subodh Gupta has also shown several installations relating to this cultural field. So the idea came up to collect photographies of the interiors of refrigerators around the world via social networks. Friends and families of the students supported the concept by opening up their fridge and contributing pictures. These will be shown at the exhibition in a book. On the photos you can study and compare the different food and various products, the systems of storing and packing away.

The light of the refrigerators highlights the supply of nourishment that is nowadays often a mixed collection of typical local food and global brands. They look similar around the world. So it is not so easy to find out where the pictures were taken.